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Linda B. James

“The Lady With The Moves with Linda B. James

“The Lady With The Moves” with host Linda B. James explores fitness, lifestyle, personal development and other interesting topics.   Linda believes that changes in your life start with ‘’moving out the old mindset and moving in the new.’’ If you want to have a higher level of enjoyment, fulfillment and accomplishment you need to start moving in the right direction!

Linda has interviewed such notables as Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Sugar Ray Leonard, Chuck Scarborough, Spencer Christian, Arthur Fennell, Senator Diane Allen and others.
She has conducted personal and professional training programs for people of all ages. Her presentations are results-driven. Some of the topics that she covers are self-motivation, disenfranchisement, conflict resolution and focusing on the future.  She continues to inspire and motivate individuals and groups.
Linda was a radio talk show host on WTTM, Trenton, New Jersey.  She is an author, personal trainer, lifestyle expert, and motivational speaker. She is also founder and CEO of Moversize, LLC. This company has expanded to include lifestyle enhancement and personal development.  The current name of the company is The Lady With The Moves, LLC.

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