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Dr. Susan Lorain

Heart2Heart Show with Dr. Susan Lorain Tuesdays  4pm-5pm

Dr. Susan Lorain, H.H.A.P. B.C.H. Psy. Holistic Practitioner

All through my life I felt that I had a special calling, unaware that one day I would find myself touching and healing others from the inside out. My autobiography; “Angel Rhythm” gives an intimate look at the miracles, life teachings and experiences that has tailored and grounded me into the person that I am today.

As a holistic practitioner I help heal the past and provide clear vision of your true – life path.

It doesn’t matter what the issues are in your life, the diagnosis, the circumstances or how dim things may seem – anyone can heal and move forward.


“Susan is an excellent host and make you feel like your have a conversation with your best friend”
Debbie Brooks Celebrity Designer

“I truly enjoyed being a guest on Susan’s show – she is very informative and cares about getting the proper information to her listeners.”
Author Jack Watts

“Susan is a very prepared host and asks excellent questions.”
Joelle Goode founder of Listen to Our Voices

“What a wonderful radio show and super host!! Finally a radio show that let’s you really get your message heard.”
Caroyln Roome financial advisor

Susan was a great host and of the maybe 15 interviews I've 
done in the last couple years, more than any other, it allowed me to 
express my "Labor of Love" work in the Arctic and Appalachia

- Professor Harvard Ayers