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Tribute to Mike

Mike & Joan Venditti  
Michael Venditti
September 11, 1951-April 27, 1998
ABOUT MIKE: Mike Venditti was one of this nation’s foremost radio station consultants. He had built radio stations all across the country.

He was also one of the foremost lovers of the 50’s and early 60’s music. He had a huge record & radio collection and had been on the air at some great radio stations. For two years he was the manager of XERF, the station where Wolfman Jack became famous. Wolfman was one of Mike’s clients.

Over the years, many people have seen Mike in his beautiful yellow 1958Mike Venditti's 1958 Imperial Imperial, the same car that he used to travel across the country to build radio stations. At one time Mike had a syndicated radio show which could be heard 7 days a week by over 25% of the world.

Mike Venditti passed on April 27th, 1998 and his wife Joan Venditti now carries on the radio consulting business. To learn more about this great man, click on Tribute to Mike

Survived by his wife, Joan, his daughters, Bonnie Joy,18; Elizabeth, 15; and his son, Michael Stephen, 13, all of Cherry Hill, NJ. Michael was the son of Dr. Michael C. and Marianne Venditti, of Edgewater Park, NJ; a brother to Dr.Marilouise Venditti-Gurrieri of Medford, NJ; a brother to David Venditti, of Boston, MA; and a brother of the late Rita Rosenow, of Springfield, MO.

Mike & the kids - Steve, Bonnie & BethMike began his career as the chief engineer and announcer for WJJZ in Mt. Holly in 1971. He went on to become chief engineer of WSNI and WRCP in Philadelphia. It was at this time that he met and married his wife of 23 years, Joan Hunter. Together they began the nation’s first contemporary Christian music program in Philadelphia. He was then offered a job to build KFEQ in St. Joseph, MI, which covered an area from Canada to TX at night. The couple began syndicating “Man Alive” from St. Joseph, sending tapes to stations in other states. Mike was hired as general manager of KBRN in Denver, CO, in 1977, where “Man Alive” continued to grow. Eventually, the program was aired on 53 radio stations across the US, where it could be heard in every time zone. Mike began his consulting engineer business in 1977 after constructing KBCQ in Roswell, NM. Together Mike and Joan traveled the country doing major engineering projects. Their first daughter, Bonnie Joy, was born in 1979 in NM. In 1981, Mike was hired by the Mexican border blaster, XERF, where he became the only engineer in history to bring up to full power their 250,000 watt RCA transmitter, which he accomplished without a schematic. As a result of his work, XERF was heard in 1/4 of the world at night. The couple engineered and operated the station for 2 years.

In Del Rio, TX, their daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 1983. Michael thought it was more important that their children be raised to know their grandparents, so they returned to NJ, where their son Michael Stephen was born in 1984. The radio stations that Mike engineered or established and operated number nearly 60. He was a pioneer in Christian radio, providing several markets with their first Christian station, and El Paso TX with its first Spanish-speaking Christian radio station. Finally in 1995, Mike became co-owner of WNJC, AM 1360, in Washington Twp., NJ, where he also worked in sales, engineering, and as an on-air personality, until he was found to be with cancer in Nov. 1996. After a courageous 17-month battle with cancer, he passed away on April 27, 1998. He died at home with his family.

In lieu of flowers, it is requested that contributions be made to the Venditti Children’s Trust, or a donation to Feed the Children (a non-profit charity) be made.


The Venditti Children’s Trust
301 Morris Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Feed the Children
Larry Jones International Ministries
PO Box 36
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0036

a Memorial Service was held on May 9,1998 at the
Maranatha Tabernacle
802 Lenola Road
Moorestown, NJ

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